Some of my Projects

Web-based file manager

I created this as an easy-to-administer replacement for HTTP directory listings.


Score Tracker

Created to replace a error-prone spreadsheet for tracking scores for various events I help out at


Smaller projects and experiments

  • Sudoku Solver
    • HTML5 and JavaScript port of my initial sudoku solver program created to test if my method of solving sudokus works in every case (it doesn’t)
  • Simple backup script
    • Simple backup script I use to back up my computer to another computer
    • Requires SSH and RSYNC
  • Tic-tac-toe with “AI”
    • A small experiment that uses a Monte Carlo tree search to play tic-tac-toe
  • Simple math drill
    • Simple math drill app I created for my siblings
  • Non-recursive simple raytracer
    • Javascript raytracer that does not use any trigonometric functions
    • May rewrite to support triangles
  • Reaction time tester
    • Created for a high school biology project