Some of my Projects

Web-based file/document manager

created as an easy-to-administer replacement for HTTP directory listings.


Score Tracker

Created to replace a spreadsheet with dubious statistical methods for tracking scores for various events I help out at


Backup Script

Created to backup my computer to a hard drive on another computer.
Uses filesystem hard links to prevent re-copying of previously backed up files.
Requires bash, SSH, and RSYNC.

Will eventually be replaced by a new program:

  • Compresses backed up files (likely using zlib/gzip)
  • Stores backed up files by their SHA256 hashes to prevent duplicate files from being stored, even if they are renamed
  • Allows for easier auto-deletion of old backups
  • Stores directory structure, filenames, and metadata in a SQLite3 database
  • The server (backup destination) will run as a CGI script and send and receive files over HTTP/HTTPS
  • Both the server and client will likely be written in Python3
  • Currently in early stages of development (as of 2020-07-29)

Smaller projects and experiments