Some of my Projects

Web-based file/document manager

Created as an easy-to-administer replacement for HTTP directory listings.

  • WebFileMan server-side CGI API written in Rust and HTML5 application(coming after the API) (another rewrite, can be considered as version 5)
  • DocMan (can be referred to as version 4, but ended up as more of a technical experiment – barely tested and bad UI)
  • Version 3 (development never got close to a working product and stopped in favour of another rewrite)
  • Current finished version: Version 2 (latest working version – has some minor issues, most notably on 32-bit platforms)
  • Version 1 (original version – not supported, messy codebase, was written before I learned how to even do database joins)

App Server

Web server that gives frontend web applications more ways to interact with a server and other users in a safe and secure way using only a configuration file. (in early development)

3D Snake

Snake, but in 3D! Created with the Godot game engine.
Controls: WASD to change direction, Q, E to roll, Esc to pause/resume. Has controller support, but is partially broken in some web browsers. Now has basic touch support (tap and drag to rotate). I might add gyro support eventually

  • Play in web browser (requires WebAssembly, WebGL 2.0, and SharedArrayBuffer; probably won’t work on macOS or iOS)
  • Download:
    • Windows 64-bit / 32-bit (not signed, click “More info”, and “Run anyway” if blocked by SmartScreen)
    • Linux 64-bit / 32-bit / arm64 / arm32
    • MacOS (not tested, not signed, will be blocked by Gatekeeper)
    • Android (apk, not tested, not signed)
  • Github

Score Tracker

Created to replace a spreadsheet for tracking scores for various events that I help out at

.NET Reactivity

Experiment that adds reactivity similar to popular javascript frameworks to .NET.

Backup Programs

Simple Remote System Monitor

Set of scripts to help monitor which of my computers are running and what their load averages are.

Smaller projects and experiments

  • Ascii art smoothing thing
    Created to learn the Rust programming language better. Also it looks cool when you run it.
  • Youtube playback timestamp saver
    Userscript for saving the current time of a Youtube video in the url allowing for you to reload the page without losing your spot in the video.
    Designed for use with Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey, and other similar browser extensions.
  • Sudoku Solver
    HTML5 and JavaScript port of my initial sudoku solver program created to see whether my method of solving sudokus worked in all cases (it doesn’t).
  • Tic-tac-toe with basic machine learning
    A small experiment that uses a Monte Carlo tree search to play tic-tac-toe. This could be improved by properly min-maxing the generated boards
  • Basic math drill program
    Created for my siblings to do math drills
  • Javascript simple raytracer
    I wanted to do some math, but not enough to make it recursive…

More of my projects can be found on Github.